+371 24 337 294 GPS N56.67292, E22.46645 Dzirnavu street 12, Saldus, LV-3801, Latvia


SIA EuroTruck is founded in 2015. Owners: Nor-ka AS and Norplast SIA owners. Legal address: Sandes, Saldus pagasts, Saldus novads, factory address: Dzirnavu iela 12.

Company is assembling trucks with trailers and equipment according to Norwegian company’s Nor-ka AS and Latvian customer needs. Trailers’ bodies are assembled with glass fiber sandwich panels manufactured by SIA Scan Panel.

Standard trailer bodies are made of:

  1. Aluminium or galvanized metal frame with high corrosion resistance
  2. Walls made from two layers of glass fiber laminate sandwich panels with extruded polyurethane thermal insulating filler with thickness from 20 to 75 mm
  3. Stainless steel door hinges and locks for back and side doors
  4. Roof, floor and walls which are assembled and strengthened from the inside with anodized aluminium profiles
  5. Galvanized profiles for additional strengthening which are embedded along the sides and floors
  1. Floor made from humidity resistance plywood with additional glass fiber or aluminium anti-slip top coat
  2. Installed load lift
  3. Rear sight camera
  4. Two adjustable ventilation openings diagonally on each of the side walls
  5. Labels, additional lighting and markings accordingly to CSN
  6. Protectors on the sides and also on the back of the trailer’s body to protect from accidental damages when driving close to storage rooms


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